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Get the Holiday Gift Pack to wrap up and GIVE!  The perfect GIFT to give with a Gift Card! The Holiday Gift Pack includes T-shirt or Polo Shirt, Logo Hat and Custom Black Orca 30 oz Tumbler. USPS shipping included. 

T-shirt Holiday Gift Pack $95.  SALE: $89.99 

Polo Holiday Gift Pack $105   SALE $99.99


OR call Customer Service at 704-886-2400 to purchase.


This Holiday, give them what they really want!  Give a NASCAR Racing Experience Gift Card.  Gift giving is easy with a Gift Card.  You buy the Gift Card, they pick the racetrack and date.  Gift Cards are the Perfect Gift and are for any dollar amount. Personalized, Emailed and Never Expire.

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GIFT TIP: Buy a Gift Card TODAY for the SALE amount.  Guaranteed to LOCK in the SALE price for the experience when you book. 

NASCAR Ride Along- Stocking Stuffer

Don’t want to drive a NASCAR race car? Go for the NASCAR Ride Along. You’ll ride shot gun for 3 laps at top speeds in a real NASCAR race car as a passenger with a professional racing instructor driving. Get the NASCAR Ride Along today. # Ride of your life. MORE INFO>

SALE: $99.99 ($149.99 value) all locations except Daytona (SALE $135.99)


This Holiday, get your race fan or thrill seeker of racing with the Practice!  You drive a NASCAR race car in the Practice for a 5 minute timed racing session on one of the nations premier speedways by yourself! The Practice is the most economical driving experience offered at NASCAR Racing Experience with up to a 50% savings. What a deal!  Buy a Practice Driving Experience today for a FUN and memorable Holiday Gift! Retail:  $399.99 HOLIDAY SALE: $199.99 at nationwide speedways except Daytona ($299.99) and Las Vegas ($249.99)

The Rookie Experience- MOST POPULAR GIFT!

Voted “Most Popular GIFT" this Holiday Season for a reason. In this NASCAR driving experience we call “The Rookie” you drive a real NASCAR race car by yourself for an 8 minute timed racing session on one of the nation’s premier speedways. More driving time makes this a better experience for all the “rookies”. Have no regrets! Guaranteed to be an amazing gift! Make it the "Best Gift Ever" this Holiday and get the Rookie Experience. Retail: $599.99 HOLIDAY SALE: $319.99 at nationwide speedways except Daytona ($449.99) and Las Vegas ($399.99) 

KING'S EXPERIENCE- Richard Petty's Gift Pick

Recommended by "The King" Richard Petty himself for this Holiday Season's Gift Pick! You get double the drive time in the King's Experience! Following Driver's Meeting with Crew Chief, training and instruction, you get behind the wheel of a real NASCAR race car and drive by yourself for (2) 8 minute timed racing sessions back to back with a brief pit stop in between. That's a total of 16 minutes driving time on the speedway. Double the drive time is double the driving experience! This holiday season, take it from Richard Petty and go for the King's Experience. Retail: $1099.99 HOLIDAY SALE: $639.99 at nationwide speedways except Daytona ($849.99) and Las Vegas $749.99  

The Holiday Gift Guide is recommended by this Holiday Season, give a once in a lifetime racing experience from NASCAR Racing Experience. Gift giving is easy with an e-Gift Card. It's personalized, emailed and never expires. Plus gift cards are good for any of the nationwide speedways and dates.  
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