NASCAR racing experience California

BEST. EXPERIENCE. EVER.  Auto Club Speedway

It's as real as it gets! DRIVE a NASCAR race car by yourself on the Auto Club Speedway-a large, two-mile, D-shaped oval superspeedway with 14 degree banking in the turns.  Following drivers meeting with Crew Chief, drive a NASCAR race car for timed racing sessions. There’s no lead car to follow and no instructor rides with you. Get one-on-one instruction from a spotter over in-car radio. In between every 8 minutes of Track Time get a brief pit stop and head back on the track to work on driving faster speeds.  Pass the slower cars as you catch them... YES, passing is allowed! 

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Searching Availability...

Searching Availability...


Track Time (5) Minutes: $399.99

SALE: $199.99

Track Time (8) Minutes: $599.99

SALE: $319.99

Track Time (16) Minutes: $1099.99

SALE: $639.99

Track Time (24) Minutes: $1599.99

SALE: $959.99

Track Time (32) Minutes: $2099.99

SALE: $1279.99

Track Time (40) Minutes: $2599.99

SALE: $1599.99

Track Time (48) Minutes: $3099.99

SALE: $1919.99

Ride Along (3) Laps $149.99

SALE: $99.99

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NASCAR Racing Experience- The true NASCAR Driving Experience at Auto Club Speedway

Welcome to NASCAR Racing Experience, the true NASCAR Experience offered at Auto Club Speedway in California. We put YOU in the drivers seat of a real NASCAR race car that’s come straight from the NASCAR teams. You drive a real NASCAR race car by yourself at NASCAR Racing Experience. This NASCAR Experience will be the most authentic driving experience or racing school you’ve ever attend. NASCAR Driving Experience is offered at the nation’s premier speedways including Auto Club Speedway.  Book your once in a lifetime driving experience with NASCAR Racing Experience at Auto Club Speedway. Don’t want to drive a race car? NASCAR Ride Alongs are available for those who want to ride and not drive. Make your dream a reality today and sign up for NASCAR Racing Experience, the true NASCAR experience!

Drive a Race Car at Auto Club Speedway! Take a NASCAR Ride Along! Buy NASCAR Driving Experience! Do the NASCAR Racing Experience! NASCAR Driving Experience at the Auto Club Speedway is on sale today.  For more information about NASCAR Racing Experience and driving experiences offered visit www.NASCARRacingExperience.com.  Make a reservation for the Auto Club Speedway of buy a Gift Certificate.  Gift Certificates are the best gift ever for race fans and thrill seekers.