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NASCAR racing experience Myrtle Beach speedway

Drive a NASCAR race car or take a NASCAR Ride Along at Myrtle Beach Speedway.  The historical Myrtle Beach Speedway is a semi-banked asphalt oval track that spans 0.538 miles with 13 degrees of banking in the corners and nine degrees on the straightaways. Myrtle Beach Speedway has been the training grounds for some of NASCAR’s biggest stars including Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon. All four generations of Petty's and three generations of Earnhardt's have taken a green flag around the asphalt oval. Myrtle Beach Speedway is proud to be home of NASCAR Racing Experience.  

Myrtle Beach Speedway  455 Hospitality Lane, Myrtle Beach SC  29579

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Myrtle Beach Speedway PRICES

PACE CAR Ride Along (3) Laps: $79.99

SALE: $20

Ride Along (3) Laps: $149.99

SALE: $50

Track Time (5) Minutes: $399.99

SALE: $199.99

Track Time (8) Minutes: $599.99

SALE: $319.99

Track Time (16) Minutes: $1099.99

SALE: $639.99

*$39 Driver's Fee- Mandatory for all drivers. Covers vehicle liability insurance and Souvenir Racing License.

Welcome to Myrtle Beach Speedway, home of NASCAR Racing Experience

The Historical Myrtle Beach Speedway is proud to be the home of NASCAR Racing Experience.  Located just minutes from the beach, you can drive a NASCAR race car or take a NASCAR ride along at the Myrtle Beach Speedway.  Myrtle Beach vacations are the perfect time for you to fullfil your lifelong dreams of driving a NASCAR race car!  Book your NASCAR driving experience for Myrtle Beach Speedway today.  

You can DRIVE a Real NASCAR Race Car by Yourself at Myrtle Beach Speedway. Following drivers meeting with crew chief, training and instruction you get behind the wheel and drive a NASCAR Race Car for timed racing sessions on the Nation’s Premier Race Tracks including Myrtle Beach Speedway. There’s no lead car to follow, no instructor rides with you, you get one-on-one instruction from a spotter over your 2-Way In-Car Radio. You can pass the slower cars as you catch them, YES, passing is allowed in this once-in-a-lifetime NASCAR experience.