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These 3 hour experiences include Drivers meeting with Crew Chief, training and instruction. Then go on one of the nation's premier speedways and drive a timed racing session. Get In Car Radio Communications with Personal Racing Instructor while you Drive By Yourself!

There's no lead car to follow and no instructor riding with you! And Yes, Passing is allowed! When you're done, get a Graduate Certificate and souvenir racing license for bragging rights. NASCAR Racing Experience is as real as it gets!








NASCAR Ride Along
Give an amazing ride to your race fan. Don't want to drive?
Sit back and hold on tight as you ride shotgun in a real
NASCAR race car. Get the ride of your life in a 3 lap ride
along with a professional racing instructor driving at top speeds

RETAIL: $129.99

Practice Drive 5
Give this experience of a lifetime. 3 hour experience - You
get to drive a real NASCAR Race Car on one of the nation's
premier speedways by yourself! Get a taste of what it's like to
drive a NASCAR race car for a 5 minute timed racing session in the Practice Drive 5
($399.99) or drive peak dates and times in the Prime Drive 5 ($459.99). Both the Practice and the Prime Drive 5's are great experiences to tease your need for speed. What are you waiting for?  Sign up today!
RETAIL: $399.99

Prime Drive 5
Gauranteed to be the most memorable gift. In this 3 hour
experience you get behind the wheel and drive a real NASCAR
race car. Choose from prime dates and times for your
5 minute timed racing session. A Mario Andretti favorite driving experience gift.
RETAIL: $459.99

Most Popular Drive 8
Voted the most popular gift for a reason. 3 hour experience.
It's the Most Popular NASCAR experience for a reason. Get
more driving and track time, it's worth it! Every minute counts
when you're behind the wheel of a real NASCAR race car getting in car radio communications with your personal spotter. There's no lead car to follow as you drive a NASCAR race car for one (8) minute timed racing session on the speedway of your choice. Guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

RETAIL: $499.99

Double Drive
Double the gift-double the speed. 3 hour experience.
Recommended for the racing enthusiast. Double driving
time is double the experience. You drive a real NASCAR race
car for (2) 8 minute timed sessions, 16 minutes total in back to back timed racing sessions on the speedway. Get out on track for the 1st 8 minute racing session for warm up. Then pull into the pits, get feedback in a short pit stop and head back out on track for a 2nd 8 minute timed racing session. The more time you drive, the more comfortable you are on track and with the race car. 
RETAIL: $899.99

Most Wanted Drive
This holiday give them what they really want. 3 hour
experience. By far, this is the experience most wanted for
the diehard race fan. Your hands are on the wheel white knuckled
all the way as you drive (3) 8 minute racing sessions, 24 minutes total all back to back! Put the pedal to the metal as you drive a NASCAR race car for 3 timed racing sessions all with pit stops in between on the speedway. You're in control as you work on increasing speeds each and every racing session while your personal racing instructor coaches you over in car radio the entire time.  It's true- third time's a charm! 

Victory Lane
Give the best gift ever! The best three hour experience
offered in one day! Do you have what it takes to drive 32
minutes around one of the nation's premier speedways? Here's
your chance to go for it and drive (4) 8 minute racing sessions on the race track all back to back with brief pit stops in between. Give it all you got all the way as you drive faster each and every racing session reaching top speeds. Passing is allowed as you get in car radio communications with your personal spotter each and every lap. The more you drive, the faster you go so go for it in this once in a lifetime experience!

RETAIL: $2034.99

World Champion
Give the World Champion to your racing enthusiast. A day
of NASCAR racing excitement! Get behind the wheel of a
real NASCAR race car for six unbelievable racing sessions on the superspeedway! Drive (4) 8 minute solo runs and (2) 15 min. side
by side nose to tail sessions. Test your endurance in the fastest driving experience ever offered at NASCAR Racing Experience.
RETAIL: $3034.99 - Learn More >